Beatship is a test-your-luck rhythmic space shooter where shooting on beat allows you to use a powerful beam weapon but one misfire and your combo resets to 0. Do you play it safe and sit on the charge you've built up or risk it to restore much needed health? Check out the screenshots for a quick tutorial or leave the menu screen running for a bit to see an in game demo

The basic space shooter elements of this game's code were made using ztiromoritz's fantastic Pico-8 tutorial which you can find here. The rest of the game was made for Yohahi's Floppy Jam. Please enjoy!

Note for those unfamiliar with Pico-8: 

On the keyboard

  • z = circle symbol
  • x = x symbol

You can play the game on mobile here.

GenreRhythm, Shooter
Made withPICO-8
Tagsbeat, PICO-8, Space


Pico-8 Cart 10 kB
Version 3 Jun 18, 2019
Beatship HTML 335 kB


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Really interesting idea. It's not easy to keep an eye on the beat-meter (or stay in the rhythm otherwise) while trying to survive. The additional features are nice additions and bring a good purpose to the rhythm-shooting. Otherwise the game is nicely done too, keeping in mind the engine used.

I'd like to invite this game to our Game Development World Championship, we also have a class for jam entries!

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Thanks man. I'll take a look. I actually added the feature of the ship changing colour specifically so you don't have to look at the meter once you have the timing.


Thanks for taking a look then! The ship colour indeed does help to stay in the rhythm on the longer term by showing when the rhythm is right.


Really tricky, but managed to get the hang of it. Great game.


Thanks man


Man, this is pretty great, I'm always a sucker for rhythm games.  It's also surprisingly tricky.   Are there any plans to include music at all?  I feel that would make this perfect (assuming the music went in time with the beat you need to stick to)

I have zero musical talent so if someone wanted to add music they are welcome to but I can't really do it myself. There is a little "drum" sound that goes off at the start of the input window but that's about all I can manage


Haha, that's fair man.  I've never been able to put a solid beat together myself, and pico-8's music kit is beyond anything I would be able to handle.  Either way, nice work on the game.


Hey- love the game! :)

Btw, it's "Yohahi", not "Yohai"

Damn looks like I need more coffee. Glad you enjoy it.